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Letting the Old Die – Halloween Edition

Halloween is a holiday that invites us to let go and let die the old, the unnecessary. It’s a good time to remember and honor the people who have died in our lives. It’s also a great moment to explore and welcome inner ghosts and monsters to come to surface, give them space, and honor them as the divine guides they are.

How would it be if you let the old die? Who would you be without your stories, the suffering, the worry, and your blockages?

How would your life be if you had more ease, freedom, and flow?

In this women’s circle you’re going to practice letting go of what has died in your life (a person, a relationship, an addiction, a job, a habit or a thought-pattern) or of something that you’re ready to let die.

You’ll also be invited to do a ritual to purify your being from stuck energies, negative emotions, and mental blockages that don’t serve you anymore, using the power of the intention, your breath and body movement; all in a space of nurturing love and care.



October 31, 2017, 8:30 pm – 10:30 pm


Barcelona city, Spain. You will receive the exact location after you register to the event.

Your investment is 15.90€.

Click here to register and get your ticket for this circle. Registration is open until 28/10/17.

What to bring

For this circle, I recommend wearing a long skirt or dress of a dark color (black) in which you feel comfortable (make sure it’s not too tight so that you can move freely).

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Join us to practice letting the old die!
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What Is a Women's Circle?

womens-community-barcelonaA women’s circle is a women’s gathering. Its higher purpose is to support a whole, healthy, and fully flowering woman that embodies the love that is her deepest essence. The gift of the Women’s Circle to the world is the allowing, embracing, and giving birth to a fully expressed, divine, feminine essence.


We explore and practice being empowered, free and deeply feminine at the same time, holding a vision of fully realized, awakened female expression on Earth.


The Circle practices are designed by women for women, they are a spiritual practice that embraces and enhances our feminine nature, instead of asking us to transcend or deny it. In this embracing of our feminine nature we are restoring a natural balance between the masculine and the feminine within ourselves and in the world.

Welcome to the Women's Circle of Beauty and Joy


The Women’s Circle of Beauty and Joy is part of Awakening Women global network of women’s temples.


Join us to practice letting the old die!
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