When you’re a new entrepreneur and don’t have a ton of experience in running a business you can easily get discouraged by so many things you have to tackle and don’t know how.

Even though you might feel very passionate about your work in the world, let’s be honest: as women entrepreneurs we rarely love all aspects of our businesses. What I found to be a very powerful tool that keeps me moving when things get rough are mantras. Here are my top 3 mantras that I have adopted since I’ve become an entrepreneur and have helped tremendously:

         1. Everything is figureoutable (from Marie Forleo)

This mantra helps me stay focused on finding solutions rather than going down a rabbit whole when something breaks on my website for example or I need to deal with something that I’ve never dealt before. And it works every time. And what I came to realize is that not always I have to be the one that figures out things but I can also ask around and reach out for help.

         2. The Universe has my back (from Gabby Bernstein)

This one is actually more about trust than anything else. Trust that if I get an idea of a new project or a new strategy to implement in my business it’s because that’s what’s right in that moment and I will find all the resources to successfully deploy it. It’s also about trusting that there are enough clients out there for me and everybody else, which keeps me moving even though when I start something I don’t necessarily know how I’m going to reach those customers. But it keeps me going and the way it worked for me so far is that when I am ready and my coaching package or program is ready clients start showing up.

          3.”How can I enroll more clients?”  (from Gina DeVee)

After a few “NOs” from prospective clients it’s hard not to get a bit disappointed and start questioning the path you’re on. I was in such a moment when I heard Gina on a live call saying that you need to focus on money making activities and enrolling new clients. No more questioning about what you did wrong or why you didn’t close a certain client. The only question that you need to ask yourself is “How do I get more clients?”. By asking this question the brain actually opens up to new possibilities instead of focusing on what’s not working.

Did you like my mantras? Feel free to adopt them if you resonate with them and share this content if you find it valuable.

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Now it’s you turn. I’d love to hear what your mantras are. Leave a comment below and let me know now.