Cristina Malita Your Dream Life

Your desires matter. They matter to you and they matter to all the people you’re meant to serve. Are you ready to drop the drama and unapologetically get into deserving?

You don’t need approval from anybody else to make your dreams come true and most certainly you don’t need to wait any longer. If you desire a certain amount of money, traveling around the world or having your hair done every day, you need to say yes to these desires and embrace all of them. And if it’s something that you truly desire, at a core level it means that you’re meant to have it and all of Creation will contribute to having your desire come true.

Over the years I have learned to master the art of manifestation which helps me manifest great people, money, a business I love, traveling to exquisite destinations and many, many other things in my life. It’s a simple formula and I’m happy to share it with you right now:


1. You need to get really clear on what you desire and why are those desires so important to you

Do you exactly how much money you want to make this year? How about in 3 years? Do you know exactly how many people you want to sign up for your next seminar? Do you know what airlines operate flights to your dream destinations? Do you know what’s the best month of the year to travel there? It’s really important to get specific and start moving closer to what you want so that you can focus on acquiring these things.

Once you gain this clarity, dig deeper and ask yourself yourself why do you want all these things.

I did this exercise and realized that my deep desire behind the desire of having a thriving business is helping people move forward in their lives and businesses which is so fulfilling for me at a soul level or that behind my desire to own a Volvo V40 is actually my need to feel safe and not having to change multiple means of transportation when commuting. This helped me realize that my desires are not selfish at all and actually create more abundance for me and everybody else.


CM-Imagine-min2. Get out of drama and get into deserving

This is huge. We are so used to focus on why we can’t achieve certain things and what can go wrong that we forget to ask “How CAN I achieve this?”. The way you drop the drama is by taking a firm decision that you are going to achieve your dreams. No more excuses and no more delays. What’s your decision?

The way you manifest your dreams into your physical reality is by mastering your mindset and your emotions and by making sure that these are aligned with your goals.

Realize that you deserve everything that you wish for just because you’re here and life is meant to be fun and pleasurable, not suffering and pain. You deserve to manifest your desires. There’s nothing that the Universe would withhold from you. You can be a meaningful, substantial and spiritual woman and still have a great lifestyle and rejoice in abundance and happiness.


3. Set up an action plan

Next, you need to get in motion. Start brainstorming on what are the next steps that you can take in the direction of your dreams and do it.

Will it take you out of your comfort zone? Most certainly it will. But you know what? It’s worth it. Keep in mind why you’re doing this and things won’t seem so hard anymore.

You are a smart and capable woman and I trust that you can figure things out. We as humanity got to the moon and I can bet your dreams are not as complicated to reach as going to the moon. Just take the first steps, believe in the do-ability factor, be committed to it and trust that the next ones will unravel themselves down the road.


4. Take inspired, consistent action in the direction of your desires

Make sure you always check in with you intuition before going into massive action. Massive action can be daunting if it’s not aligned with your higher purpose. So do whatever gets you in touch with your inner guidance, whether it’s prayer, meditation, journaling or talking to a friend or coach and you’ll get clarity on the how’s.

Now you are clear on what you desire, you are mentally and emotionally on board with achieving it, you have a vision and a plan and you take inspired action to manifest it into your physical reality. And be ready to get big results really quickly, have fun and be full and abundant in every area of your life.

Want more? Get the free Dream Life Calculator workbook below which will help you get really clear on what you desire, what’s the higher purpose behind these desires, how much it really costs to live your dream life (you might be surprised it’s not that much) and how to manifest your dreams.