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Hello, I’m Cristina Maliţa…

I am a leadership and fulfillment coach for women on a quest.

I help high-achieving women create their bold visions into the world, step fully into their power, lean into their edges, follow their hearts and intuition, and have the impact that they desire in their life and other people’s lives. I support them in creating the projects that excite them and fill their hearts with joy, and scare them at the same time.

I empower women to BE the person who they have to be in order to create the things that they know they’re capable of bringing into the world.

No more quick fixes and the 10 step recipes for success…I promise to hold space and BELIEVE IN YOU. I will ask the questions that feel uncomfortable to ask and get to know your true self. I’ll call out on you when you play small. Always, you’ll know that there is one person who sees you and your brilliance, believes in you and your infinite potential, and knows deep down how truly powerful you are.

It will involve lots of impactful conversations, getting outside of your comfort zone and into your genius zone, getting more vulnerable than you’ve probably ever allowed yourself to be, some energy work, some meditation, prosperity mojo, journaling and working through your fears and limiting subconscious beliefs, with a splash of strategy, and practical steps to move you forward.


Marketing With Soul for Healers and CoachesMy clients get the benefit of my vast experience in moving from a ‘default life’ into building a life on my own terms and creating a successful business from the heart.

As a high-achieving woman myself, I’ve always striven for perfection and success (based on other people’s definitions). I believed that this will make me happy. I believed I had to be ‘successful’ in order to be worthy of love, fulfillment and appreciation.

I became a woman who seemed to have it all together, who looked good, who was professionally successful, smart, and interesting. But the deepest truth is that I was not fulfilled on the inside even though I had many satisfactions. I rarely let people know what was truly going on for me on the inside. As you can imagine, that didn’t work very well. And however much I achieved in my career I had a really hard time building a meaningful life and relationships (especially with men).

I knew I had to change something so I embarked on a spiritual journey towards my true self, towards God, towards my femininity and my power. There were years of deep emotional healing, releasing limiting subconscious beliefs and judgments, energy cleansing, meditation, coaching, learning to be a woman and connect to my feminine power, and learning to love and accept the gifts of the masculine energy.

Well, it turns out that those years of deep inner work became my gift in working with high-achieving women. I’m exceptionally gifted at seeing the power in others —even when they can’t see it for themselves. I easily see where women cut off parts of themselves, hold back, and sabotage their success.

I work with powerful women who see the world’s gran challenges as opportunities and are determined to make a difference even if they don’t know how or they’re scared. I help them to follow the heart path and take consistent, inspired action until they reach their goals.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk and explore if working together is a good fit.

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Things you might like to know about me

I was born and raised in NW of Romania and I’m currently living in Barcelona, Spain.

I had to go to courses to learn what femininity and being a woman is. Now, I lead the a women’s temple which helps women embody their femininity through feminine spiritual practices.

I dance Argentine tango.

Me and the marketing team I led took our pet furniture client from $566K in revenue a year to $3+ mil in only 2 years. The hardest part was supporting the client through their fears of taking risks and scaling.

I consider myself a personal development ninja. I’m a certified ThetaHealing practitioner. Once, I took a 3-week course called Intuitive Anatomy and transformed my body from the inside out.

I am joyful person and an optimist. I have deep trust in people’s potential to create what they truly desire in life.

I’m a foodie. I love the Mediterranean cuisine. I like to go to Italy to eat.

Principles I hold dear


100% Responsibility

I believe that in order to create the life that you really desire you first have to take 100% responsibility for what you’ve created so far. If there’s something that works great in your life it’s because you aligned your mind, body, spirit and actions and created it. If there’s any area in your life that you’re not happy with, realize that you’ve created it that way.


Vulnerability Is Power

I believe that the meaningful connections that we’re all craving for are only possible if we open our hearts and minds and we’re willing to get vulnerable with other people. It’s when we allow ourselves to be seen for who we really are, with our strengths and weaknesses, dreams and fears, successes and failures, and hide nothing that people want to get closer. This is deeply freeing and empowering at the same time.


Conscious Creation

I know that all limitations and fears are created by your mind. But you are not your mind. Even though they feel very real, they’re not. They’re a mental and emotional construction. You can choose in any moment to drop them and connect to the infinite, divine being that you are. From that place, you can choose to create anything you want with ease and joy.


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