Hi beautiful,

I know you. You’re a woman on a quest. A leader. A powerful woman.

You have a passion and a vision of how you want to make a difference in the world. You’ve started your business to create meaningful change and live life on YOUR terms.

cristina_malita_ready_for_love_programYet something is missing.

  • You’ve taken the conventional route to success, which has you ‘act like a man’ and cut out parts of yourself: your femininity, creativity, playfulness, and your spiritual wisdom.
  • You work really hard but without the returns that you desire. You feel worn out. This affects your wellbeing, your relationships, and your freedom.
  • You’re focused on creating money. Yet, the money you bring into your business doesn’t give you the satisfaction you thought they would.
  • You’re afraid of playing big and becoming visible. You get disappointed and overwhelmed because you’re afraid of taking big risks and making bold decisions.
  • You feel that your mindset and how you show up in your business sabotages your success and prevents you from getting to the next level.
  • You’re afraid that you’ll have to work even harder to reach your vision and your goals, which means sacrificing your free time, your hobbies, your femininity, your relationships or motherhood. This keeps you indecisive.
  • You dislike or even hate parts of your business. If only you could get clients easier and focus on doing what you love and what you’re great at.


Let’s get really honest here for a moment.

Deep down in your heart you know that the business that you truly desire is possible for you, that there’s a way in which can create a passion-based business that solves meaningful problems and be unapologetically successful, make $10K monthly and beyond while honoring your desires for lifestyle, glamour, freedom, and impactful work.

And you’re right. There is a way!

When you step into your power and your genius zone, you connect with your true mission and the love inside of you. When you use your gifts and what lights you up in the world to serve others with your services or products, you experience more meaning, a sense of contribution to something bigger than yourself, deep connection with your purpose and other people, and infinite prosperity.

spirals-finalIt’s an upward spiral: the more you serve people, the more meaning, joy, love, confidence, and prosperity you experience. And the more you want to continue doing it.

You create your desires and your life unapologetically. You become the change you want to see in the world. You light brighter. You become an inspiration for others by showing them what’s possible. The world becomes brighter because you shine.

The opposite of this is the downward spiral.

When you’re focused on money, you’re focused on YOU. You’re in survival mode. There’s little room for serving others. The more you worry about money, the more you disconnect from your power, from your purpose and you find yourself stuck and miserable.

Money is a reflection of how powerfully you’ve served other people. If you look at your bank account and you feel miserable, decide that you’re going to change the situation. And re-focus on serving people. The money always follows.



working in your Zone of Genius, on only those things that have an exponential impact on your life, relationships, and business.

growing your business exponentially and making big money, while enhancing your impact in the world, your vitality, and your FREEDOM.

getting in touch with your soul’s mission and creating your business from a power position, while honoring your heart’s deepest desires for

femininity, creativity, freedom, prosperity, and play.

creating outrageous amounts of money with ease, joy, and glory, while deeply serving people with your services or products.

building your legacy and feeling more energized and committed than ever before.

having more time and energy to put into your hobbies, your physical and spiritual well-being, your relationships or motherhood.

feeling fired up and your heart racing fast as you’re taking risks and making bold proposals that change people’s lives for the greater.

…spending time with people who stretch your mind, challenge your thinking, and inspire you.

Exponential Success and Freedom: The Experience

A Soulful Coaching Journey for Women Entrepreneurs Towards Exponential Prosperity, Meaning, and Freedom.

This coaching journey is for heartful women entrepreneurs who solve meaningful problems, who are READY to make $5- $10K/month and beyond, without sacrificing their free time, their femininity, their relationships or motherhood; on the contrary, enhancing their freedom, their vitality, and their impact in the world.

This is not a “cookie-cutter” program. This is a deep immersion into the realms of your being. You get to express your true self, your deepest fears, and your biggest dreams and hopes. You get to bring everything, including what you can’t tell anyone else. Work with me and your business and life will change:


♥ You’ll become utterly confident to charge your worth and serve people powerfully.

♥ You’ll set up the systems and structures that you’re business requires so that you can bring your creativity and femininity into play.

♥ You’ll make significantly more money with ease and joy, and with less struggle and hard work.

♥ You’ll be more of who you REALLY are, do what you love the most and impact more people.

♥ You’ll master your mindset and release your limiting subconscious beliefs and fears that sabotage your exponential growth.

♥ You’ll take consistent, inspired action that will take you out of your comfort zone and create the magic that you desire.

♥ You’ll transform the parts of your business that you dislike or hate into something that energizes you.


Are you ready to grow your business exponentially and create the freedom,

the impact and the lifestyle you desire?

Yes, I'm Ready!



The hard part of standing on an exponential curve is: when you look backward, it looks flat, and when you look forward, it looks vertical.”  Sam Altman

My Coaching Is for You If:

You have a desire, a fire in your heart, a legacy

that you want to build, no matter what.

You’ve stepped out of victimhood and you’re

determined to change your story.

♥ You’re very self-aware and you’re not afraid of deep inner work.

♥ You’re open and willing to grow, transform and take risks.

♥ You value action over perfection and control.

You know fear is a good sign and you’re willing to

look into what’s been holding you back.

You have a track record of success and a bias for action.

♥ You’re ready to lean into your edge and take consistent,

INSPIRED ACTION in the direction of your vision.


My coaching is NOT for everyone.

It’s a lot of work, requires a tremendous amount of courage and

resilience in the face of scary things, and an open heart. This is for

women who are ready for a shift and don’t live with excuses.

How We Work

Marketing With Soul For Coaches and HealersYou bring your biggest dreams and what you want to create and I’ll bring my deep, powerful coaching toolbox. You’ll be amazed how much faster things will start to unfold for you. You won’t believe how small you were thinking when we started.

You bring your stories, your biggest fears, all the things that might stop you and I’ll bring my BS detector. I’ll tell you things that you might not want to hear, things that others don’t dare to tell you.

You’re totally honest and you tell the truth (even if it’s scary or weird). We’ll get authentic and vulnerable. You’ll be seen for who you really are, without your fears, your judgments and your old stories.

I don’t hold you accountable. You already do that.

I challenge you and laugh with you. Sometimes you’ll love coaching, and sometimes you’ll hate it. Always, you’ll know that there is one person who sees you and your brilliance, believes in you and your infinite potential, and knows deep down how truly powerful you are.


We work together one-on-one, between 3 to 12 months; anything less is not enough to create lasting change. Your coaching package will be highly personalized to your specific goals and desires. Coaching is done online, via Skype with the possibility of doing it in person in Barcelona, Spain.

Work with me, and your business will transform.

You must be ready to invest your energy, your time, your money and your commitment to creating something so powerful that it will change your life. My coaching is not for everyone. If you’re ready, let’s have a deep coaching conversation with the power to totally shift your life.

Contact Me

You DON’T have to choose


A Note from Cristina



If you’re reading this right now, I know you’re not a woman who’s content to live a mediocre life, grow your business a little, be a little more confident or making a bit more money.


I know you’re a truth seeker, somebody who’s willing to play a REALLY big game. You’re determined to make this life worth living. Living exponentially excites you, it makes your heart race and the sweat drip down the middle of your back. You’re courageous and creative.  You’re done playing small. You’re aiming so high that others think you’re crazy.


I’m here to tell you that there’s a way to have your life and business flow like poetry, creating exponential freedom and success. Making a big impact in the world and living an extraordinary life isn’t always easy, but you don’t have to struggle. I BELIEVE in YOU. You’re far closer to everything you want than you could ever imagine. Miracles are far closer than you think.





100% YOURS


Are you ready to grow your business exponentially and create the freedom,

the impact and the lifestyle you desire?


Yes, I'm Ready!

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