Ask and you shall receive…MONEY

The Universe responds to your requests (made either consciously or unconsciously), so be really aware of the intentions you set. Let’s get clear on something here. Money is good. More money leads to more good for you and others. Money is … Read More


3 Ways to Create Your Life Even When Fear Kicks In

Do you remember a time in your childhood when you received crayons and you were frozen with fear? Do you remember how afraid you were of building a sand castle as a child? NO, you probably don’t remember such times. … Read More


The Single Most Important Thing You Can Do to Reach Your Goals in 2017 – Hint: It’s NOT What You Think

Here we are again. New year, new resolutions, new hopes. Unbelievable, huh? A time to reflect back on 2016 and decide on what you want to manifest in 2017. This is all great as I believe that knowing what you … Read More

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5 Most Important Questions to Ask Yourself This Time of Year

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with relaxation, happiness, warmth and quality time with your loved ones. After Christmas, I start feeling super excited to gear up and get ready for the new year. This is my … Read More

Cristina Malita Your Dream Life

The Secret Formula For Creating The Life Of Your Dreams – For Ambitious Women Only

Your desires matter. They matter to you and they matter to all the people you’re meant to serve. Are you ready to drop the drama and unapologetically get into deserving? You don’t need approval from anybody else to make your … Read More


My Top 3 Mantras That Help Me Move My Business Forward

When you’re a new entrepreneur and don’t have a ton of experience in running a business you can easily get discouraged by so many things you have to tackle and don’t know how. Even though you might feel very passionate … Read More


3 Reasons Why Chaos May Actually Be Good For Your Business

What if chaos is not at all what you thought it was? Are you judging the chaos in your life as a bad thing? What if it’s not a bad thing at all? Are you the type of person who … Read More


You Need Business Coaching

Over the past 18 years, as a business coach and owner of a business coaching franchise system, one of the recurring questions I have been asked (as well as my certified business coaches throughout North America) by small business owners … Read More