The Universe responds to your requests (made either consciously or unconsciously), so be really aware of the intentions you set.

Let’s get clear on something here.

Money is good. More money leads to more good for you and others.

Money is an amazing empowerment tool…if you choose it.

Imagine a sports game: you can either be the OBSERVER, the COACH or the PLAYER.

  • The OBSERVER is in the audience. She lives the game very vividly: gets frustrated when her team misses and thrilled when her team scores. She can feel the excitement of watching the game, but she’s not really playing. She can do very little to influence the result.
  • The COACH is the one preparing the players for success and coming up with strategies. He’s a great asset to the team but he’s not actually playing.
  • The PLAYERS are the ones who are actually playing the game. If they win or lose it’s their responsibility; they’re the only ones who experience the game, test different strategies, and ultimately, create the results.

Which role are you playing right now when it comes to MONEY?

Are you the observer, the coach or the player?

Are you ready to get in the game and CREATE the money you truly desire?

If yes, then the first step is to ASK FOR IT TO SHOW UP.

I’ve created a doc to help you get clear on what are your revenue goals for the next 12 months and start brainstorming on services/products that you could offer and at what price to reach your monthly money goal.

Download it below.