Do you remember a time in your childhood when you received crayons and you were frozen with fear?

Do you remember how afraid you were of building a sand castle as a child?

NO, you probably don’t remember such times.
As a kid, you didn’t worry that you didn’t know how to draw. You just did it.
You didn’t worry about not being certified as an architect. You built the sand castle anyways.

What were you thinking?
You weren’t.

As adults, most people react to fear on a daily basis instead of creating their lives based on what they desire.

Here are 3 ways in which you can start creating your everyday life with more ease and fun than ever before:


1. Start by asking the question “What do I want to create?”

When have you asked yourself the last time what do YOU want to create in your life? And I don’t mean what your mind wants to create. I mean YOU, the real you. Your divine soul. What does YOUR SOUL want to create in the next 12 months? What would bring you great joy, excitement, a sense of fulfillment, greater prosperity and well being of your body, mind, and spirit?


2. When fear kicks in, do it anyways

As a child, you didn’t fear life. You were creating your life. But then you were trained to fear life and react to it instead of creating it. So, rest assured, if you were brought up like most people on this planet fear will kick in. And that’s OK.

We have all these questions in our minds like “What if I fail?”, “What will people think of me?”, “Will I be judged or criticized?” and we hold back because of these. Realize that all fears are illusions, creations of the mind and those horrifying stories in your mind are probably never going to happen the way you imagine them.

Now, the trick is to DO IT ANYWAYS. Fear is human. Not acting (even if it’s scary) is cowardice.  All you have to do is to connect to that childlike curiosity inside of you and go for what you want.


3. Make everything a game you can’t lose at

Inventing games you can’t lose at can be a fun way to get out of fear and into your creative state.

For example, I’ve tricked my mind into writing this blog post because I won’t post it anyways. I’m just playing and writing and seeing what comes out of it.  This worked because this way I didn’t have to fight with all the fears and thoughts in my head about not being a good enough writer, and about how nobody will read my post.

Do you want to create more clients in your business?

Create a game of collecting NOs. A YES is great, a NO is even greater because you’re playing a game of collecting NOs. This way you’ll celebrate your NOs instead of making up stories about yourself when you receive a no.

Do you want to have fun responding to those 100 emails sitting in your inbox?

Draw 10 circles on a piece of paper and color each circle after you’ve addressed 10 emails. Make it fun instead of a burden.


Now, I’d love to hear from you. What’s the single biggest insight you’re taking away from reading this blog post and how can you turn that insight into action? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

With love,