What if chaos is not at all what you thought it was? Are you judging the chaos in your life as a bad thing? What if it’s not a bad thing at all? Are you the type of person who tends to always order your life and business?

When I was still working as an employee, one of my primary needs was the need to plan things. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but I often got frustrated because even though we had a plan we almost never sticked to it. The plan basically changed every two days and that was the nature of the industry in which the company that I’ve worked for was (marketing technology).

As soon as I have become an entrepreneur I got it. I really got it. Planning is good but usually things don’t go according to your plans. That’s simply the nature of business. You need to constantly adapt to the market and to your customer’s needs.

So, I finally gave up on my tightness around planning (and basically controlling everything in my business) and stopped being so afraid of chaos. I actually got to the point where I see the value of chaos in my business and that’s because:

1. It builds momentum
Chaos (meaning mainly having a long list of activities to do and clients to manage) forces you to get going. There’s no time to loose and there’s no time to wait for the perfect moment. According to my plans some things should happen before others and some activities should trigger other activities. But when things don’t happen that way I’ve planned I make quick decisions and just keep on going. And, usually at the end of the month I realize I’ve achieved so much even even though I didn’t plan for everything.

2. Helps you get creative
Ohhh yes. What I came to realize is that I get very creative when I don’t have everything planned out and that’s because I normally don’t have the answers. It’s then when I start listening more and search for answers. I’m also more open to people saying that I’m wrong and I hear their perspectives. This usually results in more informed and creative decisions.

3. Forces you to prioritize
The truth is that there are so many hours in a day and even though you want to do everything to grow your business most of the times it gets down to prioritizing the money making activities over all the others to get that next paying client. So I start my working days with the question “What activities should I focus on today to get me my next client” and then I make my to do list for the day. It’s great cause it keeps me focused on what’s actually driving my business forward, and that is clients and not all the nice to haves which don’t have an immediate impact on my bottom line.

So, I invite you to think about the chaos in your business and actually see if overtime it brought any positive changes to you.

Image source: bigthink.com

Now I’d love to hear about your experience with managing chaos and how you use it to create more awesomeness in your life. Leave a comment below and let me know now.