• Powerful Coaching for Visionary Women

    Working to Create a Better Reality for People

    By Solving Grand Challenges in

    Education, Health, Technology or Business.


What would be so big, so extraordinary for you to create in the next 12 months that

feels exciting and scary at the same time?

Does This Sound like You?

  • You are a leader committed to creating the change you want to see in the world in the realm of education, health, justice, the future of work or business.
  • You have a strong connection to your grand vision, to your dream project that is bigger than yourself. You cannot NOT go after what you know deep down in your heart to be your true mission.
  • You love people and you have the capacity to envision and bring to life a better reality on this planet. This is what makes life meaningful to you.
  • You know what success takes – in work, relationships, and play. You have accomplished a lot by working hard, striving, and frankly, OVER-achieving.  You’ve achieved from a place of force and sacrifice. You are ready to step into your power.
  • You are building your legacy and feel more energized and committed than ever before.
  • You have probably done inner work, you’re on a path to self –discovery and self-mastery and you’re not planning to stop. You know that you’re the creator of your experiences and you live life with courage and curiosity.
  • You desire more success with heart and you’re ready to make your impossible dreams possible – without sacrificing ease, play, relationships, femininity, and inner peace.


I’m Cristina Maliţa…

and I’m on a mission to empower high-achieving women working in education, health, the justice system, technology, and business create their bold visions, and introduce alternative systems that support human flourishing and are sustainable for the planet. I help them reach their “impossible” goals, without having to sacrifice play, joy,  femininity, prosperity, relationships, and inner peace.

We’re at a time in history when we’re disrupting the old systems and paradigms in our societies. More and more, people are realizing that the old way of doing politics, education, business etc. is not working anymore.

I believe that women play a key part in this transition. I believe that it’s important that women reclaim their power, their voice, their femininity and bring innovative solutions that create more freedom, ease, joy, kindness, and abundance for everybody involved.


Are You Ready for What’s Possible?

Once you decided that you’re going to create your vision and closed the back doors, you’ll get in touch with your authentic self. It will require you to do the deep, inner work, release limiting beliefs, fears and what you already know it’s possible.

I know it can feel overwhelming or even impossible at times, but you’re not alone. You can get the support you need in order to take risks and consistent action so that you BE the confident woman who creates the relationships, the capital, the clients and the opportunities that you need.

I’m an expert at seeing the power in others —even when they can’t see it for themselves. I easily see where women cut off parts of themselves, hold back, and sabotage their success. This is what makes my coaching extraordinary.


Here’s How It Works

We work together one-on-one between 3 to 12 months; anything less is not enough to create lasting change. Your coaching package will be highly personalized to your specific goals and desires.

It will involve lots of impactful conversations, getting outside of your comfort zone and into your genius zone, getting more vulnerable than you’ve probably ever allowed yourself to be, some energy work, some meditation, prosperity mojo, journaling and working through your fears and limiting subconscious beliefs, with a splash of strategy, and practical steps to move you forward.

You must be ready to invest your energy, your time, your money and your commitment to creating something so powerful that it will change your life.

Learn more about coaching with me


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