• Powerful Coaching for Women Entrepreneurs

    Expand beyond your current reality,
    create exponential growth in your business,

    more freedom, and impact in the world!


What would be so big, so extraordinary for you
to create in the next 12 months
that you haven’t even dared to think/dream of?

Welcome! I’m Cristina Maliţa, business and leadership coach for women entrepreneurs

…and I’m thrilled to e-meet you.


Does this sound like you?

  • You live bravely and dare greatly. You’re going after whatever is next level for you. You live your life with intention, you are driven to make a difference, to make a contribution and you’re not afraid to step up.

  • You have probably done inner work, you’re on a path to self –discovery and self-mastery and you’re not planning to stop. You know that you’re the creator of your experiences and you live life with courage and curiosity.

  • You continuously up-level your game in your  business and your life, and you’re willing to do the inner and outer work that will help you reach your grand vision.


My mission is to support heartfelt women entrepreneurs who solve meaningful problems to double their profits (or reach their financial goals) in (less than) a year, while enhancing their freedom,their vitality, and their impact in the world.


I help them grow their businesses exponentially and turn their great visions into reality, without having to sacrifice their free time, their femininity, their hobbies, relationships or motherhood.


I do this through deep, powerful coaching conversations which usually blur the hard lines of how my clients see their worlds, create new possibilities for them and help them to come up with actions steps to reach their goals and fulfill their vision.


Learn more about coaching for women entrepreneurs



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